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Discover Mental Health: The Forgotten Piece in Elder Care

Video Description: 

This 9.5 minute video captures the thoughts of key geropsychiatric nursing leaders. It is meant to serve as inspiration for nursing students as they incorporate mental health care of older adults in their nursing careers. After viewing this webinar, learners will better understand the importance of incorporating awareness and understanding of mental health issues in their care of older adults.


Submitted by irene.swanenberg on

Quotes from nursing staff remind me why I started medical school. Mental Health is all too ignored.

Submitted by wdalla on

This webinar is very enlightening to the importance of incorporating educational opportunities and training into training nursing and other healthcare professional in the care needs of older adults.  I am encouraged by the statement of one of the clinicians when she said that we no longer need to be unimaginative in educating nurses.  All nurses will care for older adults and their complex care needs at some point in their careers..