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Restricted Access Policy

POGOe products are posted under one of the following access limitations: “Open access”, “Restrict access to confirmed faculty and specific users” or “Restrict access to specific users only”.

  • If a product is labeled as “Open access”, any registered user is able to view and download the product.
  • If a product is labeled as “Restrict access to confirmed faculty and specific users”, the users will have to verify that they are faculty to view or to download the product. Alternatively, the product author can give access to specific users by adding them to the allowed user list.
  • If a product is labeled as “Restrict access to specific users only”, then only those on the allowed users list will be able to view and download the product.

In order to gain access to documents associated with restricted access material, you must make a request through a link available in the product description. Once you make the request, the following form will appear on the screen:

Posted resources in POGOe are free and available for download from our website to the general public; however, assessment resources or resources that an author has created and identified as "confirmed faculty access only" are guarded behind a human firewall. POGOe staff only distributes such protected resources to users after verifying their identity and confirming that they are faculty or educators at a health education institution. To that end we will need additional information from you.

I am:
A United States or Canadian User
An International User*
*Note to International Users: Currently, POGOe does not have the resources to verify credentials with international institutions. However, if you have a United States or Canadian AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) member sponsor or representative who is a faculty member or educator we can verify your credentials through that representative and release the resource to you. Please provide your sponsor’s contact information under Additional Information section, including Full Name, Institution/Affiliation, Position/Title at Institution; Contact Name, Number, and Email Address for an Administrative representative.)

Please tell us:
Your Full Name:
Your Position or Title:
Supervisor's Name:
Supervisor's Email:
Supervisor's Phone Number:
Intended Use of Resource:
Additional Information:
Thank you for your request. A POGOe representative will be in touch by email once your information has been verified.
If you need any assistance please feel free to contact us at
The POGOe Team

Once the information has been submitted, POGOe staff will verify it by contacting your employer either via e-mail or via phone.

After the employer verifies your faculty standing, a notification will be sent to the product author requesting permission to release the materials to you.

Upon the receipt of permission the requested materials will be sent to you. Please be advised that this process may take approximately 2 weeks.


Last modified 01/19/2009