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Using a Zip (.zip) Download

What is a Zip (*.zip) file?

A file with the extension '.zip' is a computer file that contains one or more other types of files but has been compressed to a smaller size so that the file can be more easily distributed over the internet. The contents of all .zip files are reviewed by the POGOe Editor and scanned for viruses before the products are posted.

How do I use a Zip (*.zip) file?

To extract the ".zip" file you must have decompressing software installed on your computer. Most computers come with this type of software, but it is also available for free from any of the following sites: Once you can access the contents in the .zip file, you should be able to open the now decompressed files with the standard software programs on your computer (such as Microsoft Word).

If you need further assistance your local system administrator should be able to help you. In the event you are your local system administrator, please contact the POGOe Editor (