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FD~AGE Physician Mini-Fellowships in Geriatrics

Physician Mini-Fellowships in Geriatrics

The Mini-Fellowships are 3 - 4 day intensive courses for non-geriatricians seeking training in geriatrics education and curriculum development. The Mini-Fellowships target clinician-educators and curriculum developers in internal medicine, family medicine, hospital medicine and other subspecialties. To view details about each school's unique Mini-Fellowship, click on the school name, below, and you will be taken to a description.
Duke University
Johns Hopkins
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
University of California, Los Angeles

Duke University
Duke's mini-fellowships focus on faculty development offering clinician educators a unique opportunity to learn from expert faculty in geriatrics at one of the nation's leading academic medical centers. The one-week programs are topic intensive highlighting current best practices and providing specific opportunities for participants to grow as educators and leaders. In the past we have offered:
  • Teaching Evidence-based Medicine in Geriatrics
  • Palliative Care Curriculum Development
  • Long-Term Care Education
  • Medical Student Education in Geriatrics
  • Graduate Medical Education in Geriatrics
Our current and last offering is Leadership & Scholarship, which will be held February 29 -  March 4, 2016. For more information click here or send an email to

Johns Hopkins
At Johns Hopkins, the FD~AGE Mini-Fellowship Program targets specialists in specific areas. The three and a half day program provides didactic and experiential instruction in teaching techniques and instruction in critical geriatrics content areas, end-of-life care, quick functional assessment and effective transition of care for elderly patients. The targeted audience is surgical and medical subspecialists including:
  • Hospitalists
  • Internal Medicine
  • Emergency Room Physicians
  • General Surgeons
  • Orthopedic surgeons.
For more information contact Laura Gibson at

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

2-1/2 Day Mini-Fellowship in Geriatric Medical Education and Quality Improvement

Icahn School of Medicine now offers Mini-Fellowships at participants’ home institution; bringing well-proven, small group, interactive course to your campus and providing geriatrics content, teaching skills, feedback coaching, mentoring on team-based QI projects, and other content and experiences appropriate to your institution’s needs. This approach allows colleagues to learn together, to consider real world applications, to develop collaborative educational projects and work together, often as a team, to bring geriatrics projects to fruition. Learning The Geriatrics Approach as a group creates a clinician-educators cadre who reinforce and support one another.

The cost for this varies but can be as low as $12,000 for 3 days (plus transportation and lodging, if needed, for 2 or 3 faculty).  For more information please contact Karen Sauvigné at  

Who Can Benefit

  • Junior Attendings in (e.g.) Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine
  • Hospitalists who teach in-patient care
  • Clinician-educators who dedicate substantial time to education
  • Non-geriatricians who care for geriatric patients

University of California, Los Angeles
The FD~AGE Mini-Fellowship Program at UCLA is a three-day intensive course that focuses on integrating geriatric content into the role of clinician-educator. It provides an innovative curriculum in medical education and advanced geriatrics teaching skills through experience, training and personal mentorship. The Mini-Fellowship Program at UCLA is divided into four specific tracks:

  • Generalist Track
  • Hospitalist Track
  • Skilled Nursing Facility Track
  • Palliative Care Track
For information visit GeroNet or contact Christy Ann Lau at or call 310-312-0531.