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Precepting Challenging Students: Student A (1 of 3)

Video Description: 

The exercise uses video clips of a trainee and Preceptor in a clinical setting. In each of the cases, the trainee has been assigned a patient, has performed a history and physical examination of the patient, and is now prepared to make an oral case presentation to the Preceptor. The Preceptor is ready to listen to the case presentation and give appropriate feedback on the presentation. The purpose of this exercise is to enhance Preceptor skills with challenging trainees. At the end of the exercise, Preceptors will be able to:

1. Communicate and set expectations for trainees’ performance.

2. Analyze trainees’ difficulties in oral case presentations.

3. Recognize and correct own improper precepting behavior and attitude.

4. Recognize and correct inappropriate behavior and attitudes of challenging trainees.