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Pain Management in the Geriatric Population


Submitted by rianshahe on

I agree with the need for increased awareness for the under treatment of chronic pain in the elderly. In my [limited] experience thus far I have seen very few patients on around the clock regimens for pain control, as most of my patients have been placed on PRN regimens. Additionally there should be increased awareness for the WHO pain management ladder and use of adjuvant pain medications, as I rarely see TCA’s prescribed for patients with chronic neuropathic pain.   

Submitted by denin99 on

good video

Submitted by loretta.cinquepalmi on

This video was a great supplement to our lecture on pain management. Reviewing the different types of pain and their respective treatments, along with the WHO 3 Step Ladder to assess the strength of medication to use, has greatly solidified my current knowledge of pain managment. The WHO 3 Step Ladder is a tool that I will appreciate even more now that I know more about the different medications used with different severity ratings of pain reported by patients.