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The Geriatric Patient with Dementia in Long Term Care

Video Description: 

This case-based lecture-capture recording outlines for general psychiatry residents the key points of assessing and treating dementia in elderly patients in the long-term care setting. The objectives of this video are:

1. To assess behavior disturbances, underlying causes, and implications on care.

2. To be able to efficiently gather data from multiple sources.

3. To review common instruments for screening for dementia.

4. To formulate a management plan, considering risk benefit analysis and regulatory issues.


Submitted by rosepan on

This video was very informative and well-organized.

It was interesting to learn that behavioral disturbances associated with dementia do not have "gold-standard" treatment guidelines, but are sometimes treated with atypical antipsychotics, which have been associated with increased mortality in the setting of dementia.  This video also emphasized the importance of gathering information from multiple sources, especially when the patient is a poor historian.  It was also interesting to learn about activity therapy, and about the few reversible causes of dementia.

Submitted by JNunnelee on
Excellent, insightful presentation - should be required viewing by all health professionals working with dementia patients.